qdgal - a quick & dirty PHP photo gallery

Copyright © 2017 Mateusz Vistelink


I created qdgal for my own personal use, because I needed a dead simple PHP gallery to show a few photos to family. There is plenty of such gallery softwares on the internet, but every one that I checked was too complicated, while I needed something *very* basic. No authentication, no user options, no sql database, no crazy php dependencies, big text (to be used even by older people that are not that comfortable with a computer). Then I wrote a short script during a summer afternoon, and qdgal was born.


How to use it: simply copy the index.php, qdgal.conf, qdgal.lang and qdgal.css files to your web server, into a directory where your photos are stored. That's all.

You can optionally edit qdgal.conf and/or qdgal.css if you'd like to customize qdgal's to your liking, but that's up to you.

If you'd like to add comments to some of the photos, simply create a text file with the same base name as the photo (for example 'photo.txt' if the image is named 'photo.jpg'), its content will be displayed as the photo's comment.


- PHP 5.3+
- php-gd (required only if thumbnail support is to be used)
- exif (optional but highly recommended for correct thumbnails orientation)

Any strings attached?

qdgal is published under the simplified 2-clause BSD license. It's free for anyone to use, modify, and share.

Download area

Wanna check out how it looks before downloading the entire 8 KiB of code? Take a look at the demo gallery.